our purposeA heart nurturing trip to Okinawa for you.

The concept of travel has changed to a new era.
This is because it is not about who you go with,
but what you get out of it.

The mission of a travel agency is to provide memorable
and asset-valued travel products for our customers.

It is through meeting the people of Okinawa and interacting with the local community that
The important experiences you gain will enrich your own mental wealth.

We offer you a wonderful experience in Okinawa to your heart's content.
One and only one special memory for you.


From the time you arrive at the airport
to the time of your departure, we will take care of
all your hospitality during your trip to Okinawa.01
Youi Travel will provide the best hospitality in all situations
that customers demand order to provide customers
with reliable satisfaction.
Youi Travel original package
tailored to each customer02
Youi Travel can create standard plans as well as unique plans
tailored to the needs of each individual customer.
Providing products that our staff
can really recommend, discovered, seen,
and experienced03
Youi Travel make plans based on what our employees see
and experience firsthand, not online experiences.
Returning information unique to
Okinawa residents to customers04
Youi Travel offers customers the chance to visit hidden gems
that are loved by locals and unknown to tourists.
Providing a travel experience that can contribute
not only to consumption but also to Okinawa05
Youi Travel offers products that can contribute
to the destination through travel, and in particular,
we will provide a different kind of travel enjoyment that allows you
to contribute to the community while having fun
by planning with consideration for SDGs.


Things that Youi Travel considers important in travel

In the spirit of "Yuimaru(Mutual Aid)" we value human connections the most.
We will provide a new place for communication between local residents and "you" through your trip to Okinawa.
Income, not consumption
We provide a trip to Okinawa that not only tourists and consumes, but also becomes "your asset".
Income, not consumption
We provide travel products that give due consideration to the local environment of Okinawa.
The plan that leads to the next step
We will definitely provide you with a new experience born from your trip to Okinawa.
We provide services that will ensure "your" satisfaction.
Direct experience
We will suggest spots that we can truly recommend, which we have seen with our own eyes and experienced firsthand.
Direct experience
We will take care of your situation with sincerity and integrity
We will always provide new services by incorporating information from around the world in a timely manner.
We will always be grateful to all the people we met and will respond with Okinawan love.


What we are aiming for


Our vision is to provide an Okinawa travel experience
that will be an irreplaceable memory for your future,
and that the experiences and discoveries gained there will produce good returns for Okinawa
and the people living in Okinawa.